SFS Trace gives you full transparency and traceability of your seafood

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What is SFS Trace?

We've created a digital product in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that provides certified traceability for seafood imports.

SFS Trace is a tool for your customers to see that your seafood is high quality, fresh, responsibly sourced, good for their health and  #discoverthejourney from sea to plate.

Eliminating seafood fraud

Seafood fraud is a global problem with 1 in 5 fish being mislabelled, a traceable and monitored supply chain makes fraud impossible

Encouraging responsible choices

Make informed decisions on responsible producers of seafoods with full visibility on the source

Contributing to a sustainable future

We believe sustainability begins with traceability, SFS Trace provides all the information needed to make responsible seafood choices and collects valuable data that we can use for the future of sustainable fishing

How it works

Our automated algorithm pulls data at every stage of the supply chain

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